Sita Ram Sita Ram

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Seetaram Seetaram, Seetaram kahiyea
Jaahee Bidhi rakhai Ram, taahi biddhi rahiyea Seetaram….

Mukh may hoe Ram naam, Ram sewa haath may
Tu akailay naahi pyaray, Ram teray saath may
Bidhi ka vidhan jaan, hani laabh sahiyea Seetaram…

Kiya abhimaan toe, phir maan nahi payaga
Hoga pyaray wahi joe, Shri Ramaji ko bhayega
Phal aasha tyaag shubhm Kaam kartay rahiyea Seetaram…

Zindagi ki dour sownp, Haath dinanath kay
Mahalo may rakkhay chahay, Jhupari may baas dey
Dhanyvaad nirvaad, Ram Ram kahiyea Seetaram…

Aash ek Ramji say, Duji aasha chhor day
Naata ek Ramji say, Dujay naata tore day
Sadhu sangh Ram rangh, Angh abgh ranbgiyea Seetaram…

Explanation: Let us sing the name of Sita-Ram. If we keep the name of Ram He will protect us always.    –  Our mouths should always call the name of Ram and our hands should always do service to him.  We are never alone for he is always with us. All this life is a matter of destiny   –  If we practice arrogance and pride, how can we expect respect?  Only that will happen in which Ram finds pleasure. Just keep on doing good deeds and forget about the fruits.   –  He is the controller of our lives and we are in his hands. Just keep remembering him even if you live in a hut or a palace.  –  He will take care of us. Let us express our thanks and adoration to Him.  Our only hope lies in Ram. Our relations is only Ram. Let us keep the name Ram always and color ourselves with His glorious color.

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