Mere Man Mere Ram

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Mere man men hai Raam, Mere tan men hai Raam,
Mere naino ki nagariyaa men Raam hai. (Chorus).

Mere rom rom men, Hai Raam hi ramaayaa,
Saaso ke Swaami mere Naiya ki khewaiyaa,
Kan Kan may hai Raam, Saare nabh ki atariyaa, Men Ram hai

Janama Janama ka jin hai yah naata
Man say kay palchin jin guna gaata
Guna guna man hai;Raam Ruma jhuma men hai Raam
Saare jag ke dagariyaa, Men Raam hai.

Jaha kahi dekho wahi, Raam ke hai maaya
Saba hi kay saath Shri Raam ji ke chaaya
Sumiran men hai Raam, Darshan men hai Raam
Mere man de muraliyaa may Raam hai…

Raam’s very presence pervades my body, mind and the cities of my vision, even my ability to see. Raam pervades the pores of my body. The master my breath, the captain of my boat. He is every spark of fire. He is In the three worlds.  He whom I have kept my relationship with life after life, the benefits of which my heart has often sung. He is in every virtue or action, every swing and dance In fact Raam to be found In all pathways of this world.  Where ever one looks His presence can be seen. J protection covers all. In thoughts and worship. In actual vision. In the sweet music born of the flute of my heart only Shyaam and Raam come forth.

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