Chord Chale Aaj Hamare

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Chord chale aaj hamaare Raam Ayodhyaa chord chale
Ban-waasee ban raaj-dulaare, sabse naataa tor chale
Mukh mor chale..aaj hamaare Raam Ayodhyaa chord chale

Chalaa Raam ka sevak bankar, Lachhiman jaisaa bhaa-ee
Chalee Jaankee bankar apne, preetam kee parchhaa-ee
Nar naari pashu panchhi sabkaa man akulaata chord chale

Jaise bachhe-re chhin jaane par dekhaa kar dee gaiyyaa
Waise hee ro ro kar dekhe Raam-Lakhan ko maiyyaa
Maayaa mamtaa mahal moh in sabse naataa tor chale

Lachhiman binaa mahal hai soonaa, Seetaa binaa raso-ee
Raam binaa hai soonee Ayodhyaa, saaree parjaa ro-ee
Chord ke kaliyo kee galiyaa, kaato se naataa jor chale

Today, Our hero Lord Rama has relinquished his right to the throne and has left Ayodhya. He, the darling of his father’s Royal Court, has donned the robes of a man of the street, to live in exile. Snapping the bonds of his relationship with his beloved ones, he has left Ayodhya for the forest, never looking back at his royal life with any sense of attachment. Laakshman, his brother, too left with him to become his servant, and Seetaa, his wife, also left to remain in his shadows. In leaving, Rama has caused much uneasiness in the minds of men, women, birds and animals. And Kaushalyaa and Sumitraa are weeping to see their two sons leave. They feel cheated the same way a cow feels when her young calf is snatched away from her. Rama has turned away from the Ayodhya filled with riches, mansions and love.  Without Lakshman, the royal palace appears desolate, and the royal kitchen seems haunting without Seetaa. But without Rama, the whole of Ayodhya has lost all its natural splendor, leaving all the citizens weeping at the great loss. Lord Rama was accustomed to walk on roads strewn, with flowers. But today, he has given up these flower-strewn paths to walk on thorn-filled paths.  –  What an unforgettable lesson in non-attachment and duty to one’s parent coming from none other than Maryaadaa Purushottama, Arya Putra Bhagavaan Shree Rama. His life was a personification of all the sacred precepts and codes, and he proved himself a noble son.

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