Sabse Oochi Prem Sajai

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Sabse oonchi prema sagai, Sabse oonchi prema sagai

Duryodhana ko meva tyago, Duryodhana ko meva tyago
Duryodhana ko meva tyago, Saga vidura ghara pai. Sabse…

Jhuthe phala sabari ke khaye, Jhuthe phala sabari ke khaye
Jhuthe phala sabari ke khaye, Bahu vidhi prema lagi, Sabse…

Prem ke basa arjun ratha hankhyo, Prem ke basa arjun ratha hankhyo
Prema ke basa arjuna ratha hankhyo, Bhula gaye thakurai, Sabse…

Aisi prita badi vrndavana, Aisi prita badi vrndavana
Aisi prita badi vrndavana, Gopina naca nacai, Sabse…

Sura akrura is layaka nahi, Sura akrura is layaka nahi
Sura akrura is layaka nahi, kaha lag karau badai Sabse…

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna- Krishna Krishna Haray Haray
Haray Rama Hare Rama – Rama Rama Haray Haray

Explanation: Of all forms of worship of the Lord, love is the best. Lord Krsna renounced the delicacies that Duryodhana offered, and ate vegetables at Vidura’s house. As Lord Ramacandra, He ate fruits which were already filled with love from Sabari. Out of pure love for Arjuna, He took the position of being his charioteer, and He forgot that He was the Lord. Such love did Lord Krsna portray in Vrndavana when He danced with the gopis in the rasa lila. Sura Dasa asks, “In what way could I worship the merciful and magnanimous Lord?”

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