Jo Too Mitaana Chahe

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Jo too mitaanaa chahe jeewan ki trishnaa
Subah-shaam bol bande Krishna (3)

Krishna naam paawan (2) Krishan naam pyaaraa (2)
Jo naa bole Krishna Krishna, Jag Menwo haaraa (2)
Man ka mite andhiyaara bol Krishna Krishna (2)… Subah

Jisko mile naa peeraa sukh kaa maram kya Jaane
Jo na dhyaaye Krishna Krishna. Nit kaa dharam kya maane
Chaahe agar ujiyaaraa bol Krishna Krishna (2). . Subah

Chhorh de bhatakna dar dar Torh de aham kaa ghera
Bhool jaa jagat ke Vai bhav. Jag hai dukhon kaa dera
Phire kyon maaraa-2 bol Krishna Krishna (2). . Subah

If you want to satisfy the ‘thirst’ of your life, then morning and evening involve yourself in chanting the name of Krishna.  Krishna’s name Is purifying and radiates love. That person who fails to repeat such a name is indeed wasting his time in the world.  He who has never experienced pains do not really know what true happiness is. He who has not meditated on Krishna has failed to satisfy the Dharmic principles. If you really need the brightness of life, then sing Krishna… Krishna.  Give up this wandering from door to door and break this circle of Ego. Forget the ‘happiness’of the world for It will end in sadness one day. Then why are you roaming. Sing Krishna Krishna instead.

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